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Accompanied Lottery Lotto Powerball is being legally operate in the country Powerball. It is a lottery-type electronic lottery that sells and draws in units of 5 minutes.  Companion lottery lotto Powerball games include a number selection game and a number sum game. 

Number Selection Game

In the number selection game, you select and purchase 5 numbers out of 28 general ball numbers and 1 number out of 10 powerball numbers, and the rank is determined according to the number of numbers that match the normal ball and powerball numbers to be drawn. Number selection game 1st place starts from 30 million won, 2nd place starts from 1 million won The accumulated winnings are divided by the number of winnings in proportion to the sales amount, and confirmed winnings are paid for other ranks. The limit of winnings per person in the number selection game is 300 million won, and winnings in excess of 300 million won are carried over to the next round of prizes for each rank.

Number Sum Game

The Sum of Numbers game is a game that matches the range of numbers for general balls or Powerball numbers that appear as a result of the lottery. The accumulated winning amount for 1st and 2nd place displayed on the purchase screen may increase or decrease slightly during the final counting at the time of winning.

Deposits can be paid to a financial account under your name upon customer request. When the winnings are paid, the amount of tax will be withheld as stipulated by law and automatically deposited into the deposit account. The period of payment of the winnings is one year from the date of commencement of payment, and if the payment deadline is 메이저사이트 exceeded, the winning amount not received by the winner will be reverted to the lottery fund.